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Posted on 5/20/09
The doorway to summer - Memorial Day Weekend - is upon us. Most everyone has a variety of family plans or graduation festivities to attend. I hope as you finalize your plans for the weekend that you'll make our Sunday morning service a priority. We'll have just our 10:30 service this Sunday, and our special guests will be the Higher Power Quartet. I know everyone will be encouraged by the music of this fantastic local group. You will be further encouraged and inspired by the video we plan to show...a recap of all the Cardboard Testimonies presented during our Easter services back in April. Let me also say a quick word about something a little further down the road. We are interested in entering an FCC float in Norwalk's July 4th parade. The parade is a great opportunity to advertise and make our community aware of what is happening at FCC. If you would have interest in assisting with the plans and preparation for the float, please contact Pastor Alan a.s.a.p. You can call him at our church office or e-mail him at astanley@fccnorwalk.org. God bless and have a safe Memorial Weekend!
Posted on 5/13/09
I just read a statistic from a recently published book that says two-thirds of church-going young adults drop out of church between the ages of 18 and 22. In short, we're losing the battle for our young people and future generations of followers of Christ. If you care about the church, and more importantly care about those the church as been left here to reach (spiritually lost people), then hearing a statistic like that bothers you. It does me. I'm convinced we must do all we can as a church to reach out to and disciple people as early in life as we can. Part of the process of discipling is recognizing and guiding young people through important transitions in life. One of those is graduation. This Sunday, we'll recognize and challenge all our graduates in our morning services. It's an important day in the ongoing development of the young people at FCC. I hope you will plan to be a part of Graduation Sunday. Together, perhaps we can change that ugly statistic and see more of our younger generation follow and love Jesus Christ.

Posted on 5/6/09
Moms, this Sunday is all about you! We're going to celebrate Mother's Day at FCC by thanking our moms for the special place they hold in our lives. We've got a special gift every mom will take home with her. Our services will also include a Mother's Day program by our children's Sonshine Choir as well as a Baby & Family Dedication with some of our young families. We'll even get to spend a few minutes back in our study of 1 Timothy (read chapter 4, verses 7-16 in preparation). I want to encourage you to not only be here on Sunday but also to think of your own ways to celebrate and thank your mom on Mother's Day. Of course, there's much more going on this week including the National Day of Prayer, ServeFest projects and more. So be sure to look through this communication for all the details.

Posted on 4/29/09
It rained. It poured. It thundered, and there was lightening. We served anyway! From nursing homes and retirement centers to parks, highways, school grounds and our fire station, FCCers were out in force despite the weather to serve and live out the love of God. From small children to seniors, single adults to entire families, working together we made a difference in this community. A big THANK YOU to everyone who made our first ever ServeFest a great success. What a great testimony you all were for our Lord and for our church. We've got another great weekend planned at FCC. Saturday is our Spring Spruce Up Day and water purifying project. Email or call
Bill May at the church office for details. On Sunday morning, our guest will be Jeremiah Gamble from Theater for the Thirsty. Jeremiah will present a drama called, "The Rough and the Holy". Get ready to laugh, to be amazed and to have your heart touched.
Posted on 4/22/09
Get ready for a special weekend at FCC. Ephesians 2:10 says, "It is God himself who has made us what we are and given us new lives from Christ Jesus; and long ages ago he planned that we should spend these lives in helping others." That is what our first ever ServeFest day is all about - helping others. As of this writing, over 200 FCCers have volunteered to assist with the approximately 2 dozen community projects that we're tackling this Saturday. From picking up trash along the highways and in our city parks to assisting the elderly to prayer walking our community and more. And it's not too late to get on board. Call Pastor Alan at the church office ASAP to assist with one of these projects. We'll culminate the day with a family night at FCC featuring a concert by Certainty (they'll also be selling their new CD), shaved ice and ServeFest reports. All-in-all, it's going to be a great day! And that's just the first day of the weekend. Sunday is going to be special as well. Be sure to 
read online about all that's happening at FCC on Sunday. Yes, it's going to be a great weekend!
Posted on 4/15/09
I'm still on Cloud Nine after finishing our three Easter services last weekend. I want to thank everyone who volunteered to share a "Cardboard Testimony" at the conclusion of our services. These were powerful and moving and evidence of the life-changing power of God in action today. As we move forward, this weekend looks to be a great one at FCC as well. On Saturday, our Fish & Wild Game Feed will be held from 4-8pm. I believe we have a few more tickets remaining, so call the church office if you need one. They're free but necessary for entry.) On Sunday morning, we'll enjoy communion together. Then I'll bring a message I've titled, "What's the Big Deal? Understanding the Key Issues of Same Sex Marriage and Parenting". As you know, the cultural war is heating up here in Iowa and even right here in Norwalk as we face the creation of the Gay-Straight Alliance Club at Norwalk High School. I hope you'll join me on Sunday as we consider Scriptures and strategies in regards to these issues. Keep on living for the risen Christ!

Posted on 4/7/09
It's here!!! Easter is finally here! As we approach our Easter celebrations this weekend, let me give you some last minute thoughts. First, be prepared. You get the most out of worshipping the risen Savior when you don't wait for the weekend to start worshipping. Start now. We gave you the elements last Sunday for this spring's Spiritual Growth Emphasis called, "Vertical". As you practice these, your heart will be drawn to Christ. If you need the information,
visit our website. I want to especially remind you to set aside Wednesday as a day of fasting in preparation for Easter. Second, invite someone to come with you. There's no better time of year to invite an unchurched friend or family member than Easter. We have a lot happening in the Easter services that you can use to help with you invitation efforts. Take advantage of it all. Third, it's not too late to be involved if you want to. If you would like to be included in our "Cardboard Testimonies" portion of any of our services...or you would like to assist with the breakfast or assist in any other way...please call the church office as soon as possible. Fourth on Sunday, come with an appetite. We'll be serving our pancake & sausage breakfast from 7:30-10:20am. Please note the cut-off time. The serving line will be closed 10 minutes before our last service to ensure that everyone can get to the service on time. Don't come late, or you'll go hungry! Last, pray, pray, pray. God is working, and we anticipate His awesome power to be evident this weekend in response to our prayer. Happy Easter!
Posted on 4/1/09
Excitement is building as we move closer and closer to the second weekend in April - EASTER! As we are feverishly making preparations for our three identical Easter services (Friday at 7pm, Sunday at 8:30am and 10:30am), I can't wait to see what God is going to do in and through our lives. This year, we're going to invite all of you to have a special place in one of the services. The details are too lengthy to include here, so I hope you'll be sure to be here this Sunday as I share with you what God has laid on our hearts. Of course, this Sunday is Palm Sunday. If you're a bit foggy about what that is all about, take a minute to read Matthew 21:1-11. This Sunday, we'll continue our series in 1 Timothy, so read Chapter 3 Verses 8-16 in preparation. By the way, all you senior adults take note of the details for the event planned for you this Saturday.

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